Upon entering our office, you will be greeted by name by one of our friendly and experienced staff. She will have you complete the necessary forms that will help us provide the best treatment for you. In most cases, we will already have verified any insurance you may be using so that you will have the convenience of knowing your benefits.

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Next you will have a consultation with a member of our staff. This initial visit is designed to learn about you, your current condition as well as your health history. This information will enable Dr. Lechene to formulate a treatment plan that is developed for the individual patient.



After your consultation, Dr. Lechene will perform a complete chiropractic exam as well as specific orthopedic and neurological tests used to assess range of motion of the affected area, muscle tone, and muscle strength. Findings from the consultation and the physical exam will lead to your specific diagnosis and will enable the doctor to formulate a plan of treatment.



Once the information is correlated and Dr. Lechene has diagnosed the problem he will then make his recommendations for the treatment of your condition. He will advise you on your daily activities, exercise and diet and frequency of the treatment. We also carry a full line of supplements that the doctor may recommend to help to restore and continue to maintain your health.

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At the end of your initial visit Dr. Lechene usually performs a chiropractic adjustment also referred to a spinal manipulation. Each chiropractor has their own technique when providing an adjustment. The doctor may also perform some soft tissue treatment and some therapeutic exercise depending on your diagnosis. We want our patients to feel comfortable during their treatment. Therefore, we encourage you to feel free to ask questions or give input at any time.


At the end of your treatment, the doctor will make some recommendations for you to incorporate at home that will help to improve your condition and help you to avoid aggravation of your injury. These recommendations make include ice or heat application, stretches or exercise, and advice on what positions or activities to avoid. Patient and doctor cooperating together will speed up the healing process and enable the patient to be able to resume their normal activities.

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What To Expect